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Salvage For Sale

Salvage Yard

At S & L Salvage and Demolition we have an enormous stock pile of timbers, bricks, architrave, fencing, roofing, tiling, metal sheeting, joisting,…All manner of home fixtures and fittings.

Our extensive knowledge and experience gives us the ability to know which materials should and should not be recovered. Our huge range of demolition sites around the WA region has provided a unique collection perfect for DIY’ers, collectors, and restoration projects.

Salvage Items Include
Hot Water Systems
Toilet units
And More!

Looking for Hidden Treasure?

Contact us and we will tell you if we have what you are looking for

Featured Salvage
Quality, Specialty Salvage

Timber Flooring

Large selection 60mm – 130mm

Recycled Red Bricks

Suitable for Paving/Driveways

Recycled Timber

Good assortment, mainly timber

Firewood Bins



Old Style to Modern

Complete Kitchen

Lots of appliances

Stained and Coloured Glass
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