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Residential Demolition

Do you need to demolish a residential building? Then you have come to the right place.

At S and L Salvage our residential demolition team will work with you to make sure that every aspect of the demolition process is taken care of.  When it comes to residential demolitions there are industry regulations to adhere to, which are designed to ensure minimal impact and disruption to neighbouring properties.

S&L Salvage and Demolition is the demolition company Perth residents and businesses have relied on for years. We have a strong and reliable reputation on delivering top quality services within your desired timeframe and all for an affordable price. Every client we meet is different, so we tailor our plans to find your solutions.

A Tailored Demolition Plan For You

Right from the start of demolition planning, we construct a strong blueprint around your requests and requirements. By having a plan in front of us, we will follow it exactly, ensuring that you get the results you want. At the same time, you will feel comfortable and relaxed in knowing that you will get what you want, in the timeframe and price you want.

We can demolish anything up to three levels high, including residential. Our techniques and experience means that regardless of your building, we can demolish it to your specifications.

Professional & Dedicated Services

As one of Perth’s most reliable and respectable demolition companies, we have all the experience and techniques to deliver perfect results every time.
Our aim from the start of our operations is to provide a top quality and reliable demolition service, tailored around your property and your desired timeframe, all within your budget.

Residential & Home Demolition Services

When it comes to delivering residential demolition services for the homeowner, we believe in making sure you are comfortable with the entire process from start to finish.
From the very start during the planning process to the last piece of rubbish we remove from the property.

Recycled & Removed

During the planning process, we assess the materials in the property and prepare them for the demolition process. Once the project is complete, we will remove all materials and recycle them at certified landfills. You will not have to worry about any left over rubbish or materials, we will handle it all.

S&L Salvage and Demolition has a wealth of experience in performing residential demolition projects in an efficient and professional manner.
The services we can provide include:

Complete house demolition

Residential demolitions

Whether it be a double or single storey or a full asbestos property, you can rest assured that we will have your site raked to the standard depth and left ready for the next phase.
This is done either manually or mechanically with our plethora of equipment – we have a machine for every sized project.

We are experts in small projects making the process fast, efficient, affordable and safe. There is no need for you to be carting out bricks yourself, we will knock the building down and take it away leaving you with a clean slate to build your dream home.

Whether you’re a property owner wanting the site cleared to build your dream home, a builder or property developer, S&L Salvage and Demolition will demolish and remove all dwellings, including footings, trees, stumps and vegetation. We can also perform excavation work to change the levels of the block or dig out a basement etc. Leaving the site ready for the next phase of your building project. If you have been searching for a home demolition company in Perth, we’re your number one choice.

Need some advice along the way? Our team of professionals have over 25 years’ experience in all aspects of demolition, excavation and construction. We’re happy to provide advice and work with you or your builder at any stage of the project.

We care about the amenity of your neighbourhood. Demolition can be a dirty and noisy business, but we always do our best to minimise the impact on your neighbourhood.

We also care about the environment. Carefully separating waste materials to maximise the amount of recycling and minimise landfill.

Partial house demolition

Want to retain an existing garage, some trees or a swimming pool, or perhaps keep some appliances or fittings to re-use or sell? No problem. Just tell us what stays and what goes.

Partial demolitions

With our specialised team of experienced experts, we can carry out part demolitions for future renovations in a hassle-free manner.
Partial demolitions include de-constructing buildings and alterations demolishing only the structures you desire, leaving the rest of the building intact.


Strip outs

It has become common practice for internal renovations to take place. Our team will be able to assist in the removal of internal walls, as well as tiles, ceilings, carpets and all domestic fixtures.
Strip-out activities include the removal of internal structures and joinery, leaving the external walls intact and complete.

Asbestos removal

As an accredited asbestos removalist, we understand the risks involved in removing asbestos and ensure we maintain high standards, whether it be a demolition of a full asbestos house or the basic removal of asbestos fencing.

Asbestos was used in a variety of building products, mostly cladding and insulation, and will likely be present in buildings constructed or renovated in the 1940’s to 1980’s.

A licenced practitioner must remove any asbestos before work commences.

S&L Salvage and Demolition takes care of asbestos removal. Our experts will identify any asbestos and include its removal as part of our quotation. We’ll arrange for it to be removed immediately prior to commencing demolition works.

Rear site clearances

There has been a major growth within the demolition industry for subdivision of property. Our team is well versed and understands the parameters in meeting each client’s requirements for rear site clearances.

Excavation and Land Clearing

Once your existing buildings have been demolished, what about any excavation required getting your site ready to build?

Need to level a sloping block or dig out a basement etc., you’ll save valuable time and money having us perform the excavation work whilst our team and equipment are on-site.

Whether you need to move a few cubic metres or a few hundred cubic metres, S&L Salvage and Demolition can take care of your excavation needs.

We are fully equipped to take on large scale land cleaning excavation services including subdivision clearing, debris/rock removal, tree removal and restoring sites to natural land.


Our excavations efficiently remove all forms of reinforced concrete including foundations, footings, stump footings, strip footings, rocks and waffle pod slabs.

Duplex separations

Being one of the few companies that have experience in separations, we will ensure that the removal of the unit is carried out in a safe manner without interruption to the remaining unit owner. The unit separation is done in a systematic manner to eliminate unnecessary risk.


A demolition permit must be obtained prior to demolition of most buildings. We can advise what’s required for your project and take care of obtaining the required permits. The costs for us obtaining the required permits will be included in our quotation.

House Demolition Cost

Our aim is to provide our services to residents and houses in Perth. To do this, we provide a fair and affordable structure for our house demolition costs. When we plan out your demolition, you will get a fair and affordable price for our services, which are all catered to your requests. Our house demolition cost is what stands out from the rest.

With a strong and reliable reputation for handling and executing demolitions, S&L Salvage and Demolition is the team you can rely on. When it comes to having demolitions completed by the experts, you can trust S&L Salvage and Demolition.

Demolition is an intricate process, particularly in residential areas or highly populated areas where various safety aspects need to be addressed. We guarantee competitive rates and excellent support on all our professional demolition services. We strive to complete the project in the arranged time frame to prevent inflating your budget. It’s not all just down to fixed demolition costs per m2. Rates do vary depending on the nature of the project. No two jobs are the same which is why we cater for individual needs. This tactic ensures that you only pay for what you need. The different factors include:

  • Size of the job – how many stories, demolition costs per m2 taken into account etc.
  • Material that needs removing – is it dangerous etc.
  • Environment – level of dexterity.
  • Manpower – how many experts do you need.

We can provide you a quote and complete the paperwork at any time in advance of the demolition work commencing. Then once you’re ready to demolish, we’ll take over, obtain the necessary permit in advance, safely remove any asbestos, commence and complete the demolition on the agreed date.

Our written quotation includes everything required to demolish and prepare the site for the next phase of your building project.

Demolition Standards

Our standards and service don’t diminish depending on cost or longevity of a job. All of our clients receive fully trained staff, safety precautions, excellent adherence to timelines, affordable costs and a friendly face. Our contractors are there to get the job done, regardless. Each job completed by our demolition company receives the same level of professionalism and proficiency – we are here to demolish and demolish well.

Our experts have been selected to provide demolition services for government organisations, councils, construction companies, developers, business partners and homeowners. Our professionalism does not falter due to price or size and with the strictest adherence to all safety precautions, your project will be finished on time. For security, we will examine, not only your site but surrounding areas to ensure everybody and every surrounding object is safe.

25+ Years Demolition Experience

There is no substitute for experience with our company having completed thousands of demolitions in Perth and surrounds.

S&L Salvage and Demolition is Perth’s premier team of demolition contractors. Our commitment to safety, customer service, affordability and knowledge is unmatched. With highly trained staff and a variety of demolition services, we can tackle projects of any size.

The highly trained team at our demolition company excels in residential, environmental demolitions. Our large array of equipment means we have the tools for any size project. We match our machinery to your needs, making each job personal and unique. Our staff are trained in all equipment to ensure fluidity and satisfaction.

Looking for a company to carry out a full house demolition in Perth? To arrange a prompt and affordable quotation use our quote request form, call us on (08) 9314 1433

Our Experience

S and L Salvage has a wealth of experience in performing residential demolition projects in an efficient and professional manner. The services we can provide include:

•Complete house demolition
•Partial house demolition
•Garage demolition
•Brick wall demolition
•Plastered wall demolition.


The best choice for residential demolition

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    At S and L Salvage we also make sure that clean-up activities are maintained with each and every demolition.

    We’ll clear your site and get it ready for a re-build and our attention to detail make us the best choice for all your residential demolition needs.

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